Shades of Saaho released Prabhas movie 2018

Shades of Saaho released Prabhas movie 2018

Shades of Saaho released Prabhas movie 2018 Chapter 1 released

Prabhas new movie 2018
Prabhas new movie 2018

Prabhas movie 2018  Shades of Saaho

And finally, Shades of Saaho, the most eagerly awaited making video of Rebel Star Prabhas’ action adventurous thriller Saaho’s Abu Dhabi schedule is out this morning on the occasion of Prabhas’ 39th birthday. The video is all of just 80 seconds, but that’s enough to create a spellbinding impact.

Prabhas new movie 2018 The Shades of Saaho showcases a few glimpses of Saaho team’s meticulous planning and execution of several breathtaking stunts and chases in Abu Dhabi. Led by young director Sujeeth, the team, including DP Madhie, Hollywood stunt choreographer Kenny Bates, award-winning VFX supervisor Kamalkannan and acclaimed Production Designer Sabu Cyril, toils hard to achieve some mind-blowing action sequences. Prabhas’ flash-like appearance in the end adds the punch to the video.

Needless to say, Shades of Saaho has taken fans’ expectations to the next level. This is first of the many making videos that will be released at appropriate time in the coming months. UV Creations banner is bankrolling this high budget trilingual action thriller.

Prabhas new movie 2018 source

Prabhas new movie 2018

Shades of Saaho Chapter 1 released Prabhas movie 2018 

The Chapter 1 shows the glimpses of Abu Dhabi schedule that is spanned over 30 days. It features the high-octane actione episodes from the film and introduces us Hollywood action choreographer Kenny Bates  known for his work on Pearl Harbor (2001), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) and The Island (2005) and 2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011).prabhas new movie 2018 👌.

Besides young director Sujeeth, experienced veterans like action director Kenny Bates, cinematographer Madhie, production designer Sabu Cyril (Baahubali fame), Kamal Kannan (Eega fame) have worked for Saaho under whose supervision Prabhas and Shraddha shine.

Over 400 crew and 60 days of prep and 30 days of shoot in Abu Dhabi has produced the edge-of-the-seat content for Saaho. And yes, towards the end, macho hero Prabhas is introduced with a back shot that gives us picture of his heavy-built body. And as he walks, the camera shows us his face and body. Prabhas wears his googles with style and he stands in front of a sprawling building. This is the chapter 1 that gives the much needed high to Prabhas fans. Prabhas new movie 2018.

This teaser glimpse greets Prabhas on his birthday. The background score is pretty impressive and compliments the visuals. A large fleet of SUVs and police cars, some glimpses of action shots and above all, Prabhas driving a sports bike in style is what the Chapter 1 of Shades of Saaho delivers,prabhas new movie 2018  This is a perfect birthday treat from Prabhas to his fans. The 400 Crore-budget film is being bankrolled by UV Creations that seems to have not compromised anywhere as there is a big talent pool that worked on this action entertainer

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Bahubali Prabhas Biography with Full Details:
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Prabhas Real Name : Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju
Born : October 23, 1979 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Parents : Suryanarayana Raju
Pragathi (Producer) and Siva Kumari (Housewife).
His Elder Brother Name : Pramod Uppalapati and Elder
sister name : Pragati.
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He completed his schooling in DNR School
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His House is in Jubilee Hills.
His New Cars are Rolls Royce Phantom,
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Prabhas movie 2018 photos 

Prabhas new movie 2018

Prabhas new movie 2018

Prabhas new movie 2018

Prabhas new movie 2018

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