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Is Samantha akkineni good bye to films - yes/no samantha akkineni

Samantha Akkineni's one news is viraling that she is no more acting in new films. This news is very sad to all Samantha fans. But is this true /false. 

Samantha akkineni
Samantha akkineni 

Is Samantha akkineni good bye to films - yes/no

Is Samantha good bye to films - Soon the film is going to be good for Samantha, and after completion of all the films in the hands of the Samantha. After this Samantha will be thoroughly restricted to the house. As Samantha does not like to sign new films after 'Rangasthalam'. So you think this news is true. Because in social medias this news is going to viral. But ... it seems that there is nothing like that. Samantha is not far from movies. In this regard Nagachaitanya was given a clarification. "There is no truth in the news that Samantha is going away from films. She makes movies over and over again. If it's a bit of a break in mid-mood .. " Now Samantha is busy with U Turn movie . After that, she will be acted will Naga Chaitanya film will be directed by Shiva Nirvana.

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