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Ram gopal varma school- Nalantivallani marinta mandini tayaru cesi citrasimaloki vaduluta

Ram gopal varma  - Nalantivallani marinta mandini tayaru cesi citrasimaloki vaduluta 

Ram gopal varma school

Ram gopal varma film school 

Popular director Ramgopal Varma launched the 'RGV Un School' He started this school with Ram Swarup of New York and Shweta Reddy. Varma spoke to reporters in Hyderabad on this occasion. It is ironical that he failed two times in all classes and started school.

About ram gopal Varma school

"All of you are fondly called celluloid terrorists.Nalantivallani marinta mandini tayaru cesi citrasimaloki vaduluta, Like me   few more people make a film. I have nothing to learn at school. I failed 10th class, inter  and engineering. It is strange that I was setting up a school. The film rules are totally sidelined at 'Shiva'. At that time, I was not aware of the technology about the film. That's what made me feel. There are many Film Institutes present . They seem to be following the oldest practices.
Ram gopal varma school

'We can learn from some things. There will also be something to learn in the documentary film by An Unnamed. Unlike the Film Institutes that have seen the 'RJV Un school' is going to be different. There are no lessons and classrooms in particular. What do you teach here? Try to extract the talent within you. Nobody can say 'how to get a blackblaster movie'. Ten stories are given in ten different ways. Whose thoughts are theirs. ' RGV Un school' will be used to enhance that idea.

'I will also meet students . But I do not tell them anything about my hit films. I have a chance to learn more from my flap films. The school is going to be held in Hyderabad, Mumbai and the US. Admissions, what is the procedure will be announced  in another twenty days? If the talents appear to me, I will work before them. We are talented in them, "Varma said.
Ram gopal varma school. 

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