Kalyan dev's vijetha movie story - chiranjeevi son-in-law first movie

Kalyan dev's vijetha movie story - chiranjeevi son-in-law first movie

Kalyan dev's vijetha movie story - chiranjeevi son-in-law first  movie 

Kalyan Devs vijetha

Megastar Chiranjeevi's son-in-law Kalyan Dev first  movie,  Vijetha first look poster and the title released it  received a big response from the audience.

According to latest news , the film is based on a serious relationship between father and son who played the role of Kalyan dev chiranjeevi son-in-law. The film has already been completed. Producer  Sai Korrapati said.

Malavika Nair  yeevade subramnaya heroine is playing the lead role in this movie. She acted in yeevade subramnaya. Atpresent the team is busy with the post production work of the film vijetha . As coming from Kalyan of Mega family, expectations have come to the sky and let's wait and see if he can reach expectations.

Kalyan Dev

chiranjeevi son-in-law first  movie 

Megastar Chiranjeevi's son-in-law  is known as  Kalyan Dev. Now chiranjeevi son-in-law movie is finalised. The film is produced by Varahi. Rakesh Sasi is directing the film and Kalyan has co-starred with Malavika Nairn as. She has already acted in "Yevade Subramanyam" movie.
The film 'Vijetha' was finalized. This news  was revealed by the company in  social media. In the poster, a man was caught holding a small child. 'The smile of others is also a hit,' says the caption. Chiranjeevi's 'Vijetha' is the title of the movie titled Allu.
Chiranjeevi son-in-law Kalyan Dev

Post production programs are going on fast. Rakesh Shashi has been screened with an innovative concept. Sethil Kumar, who worked as a camera man for the prestigious film like "Bahubali", took care of the camera. Harshavardhan Rameshwar has composed the music. Thanikalabharani, Murali Sharma, Nassar, Posani Krishnamuraru, Rajiv Kananga and others have played important roles.

Chiranjeevi's 'vijetha '  have achieved great success has we can  not been specifically mention that great  success in those days .The film was directed by Kodanda Rami Reddy and was released in 1985.

Kalyan dev chiranjeevi's son-in-law now introducing to Tollywood industry as a hero.  chiranjeevi son in law movie is  titled   as vijetha. Razhani Korrapati is producing this movie under the banner of Rakesh Sasi and Sai Korrapati,  vaarahi is producing the filim kalyak dev's vijetha. 

lighting up smiles on other faces is also a success' is the tag line (meaning that it is also successful to see others' faces). Kalyan’s dev vijetha Malawika Nair's heroine. The film is in the final stages of the shooting. 'Bahubali' fame Senthil Kumar will be cinematography. The film is going to be released soon. Nazir, Thanikella Bharani, Murali Sharma, Satyam Rajesh, Pragati, Kalyani Natarajan, Posani, Rajiv Kanakala, Jayaprakash (Tamil) are all set to perform this movie: Sai Sivani, Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar.
  Kalyan Devs vijetha

It is also successful to see the light of others. That's why the story is titled 'vijetha ' for our film, "says Sai Korrapati. 'Vijetha' is the film that is being directed by Rajini Korrapati in Varahi. Rakesh Shashi is the director. Chiranjeevi son-in-law Kalyan Dev is the hero. Malavika Nair is the heroine. It was not until 1985 that Chiranjeevi was cast in the first film 'Vijetha' titled Kalyan Dev. The shooting is in the final stages. Kalyan Dev has recently started dubbing. Sai Sivani, Camera: Senthil Kumar, Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar.

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