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Ammamma Gari Illu clean 'U' certificate without a single cut.

Ammamma Gari Illu clean 'U' certificate without a single cut.

Ammamma gari illu sensor

Ammamma Gari Illu
is the family story of Naga shourya and Shamali. Directed by Sunder Surya. Rajesh has produced the film on Swagath Movies banner in Mrs. Swapna. The film is ready for release and the latest sensor has been completed. Sensor members who have seen this picture were given a clean 'U' certificate without a single cut -Ammamma Gari Illu The movie is being released worldwide on June 25th as the sensor is completed. On Monday, the film unit spoke to the media.

"Teaser got a super  response from the audience. Many have said that they remember their childhood. We have completed our Movie Censor work recently. The Censor Board issued a clean 'U' certificate without a single cut. The sensor team is very happy to appreciate that the feelings and emotions are heartbroken in this movie. The family appreciated the film as well. We are releasing the film on 25th of this month. Our movie is sure to be a part of Telugu audience, "said producer Rajesh" .

Ammamma Gari Illu sensor report

Film director Sundar Surya said, "The film is a good family story and a pure Telugu title has got good craze. Teaser has received a call from the audience. Several film adults also admire the teaser. There are huge expectations on the film. The censor board is very happy to look at our film as well. We appreciate their appreciation for the film. We want all of Telugu viewers to enjoy our film Ammamma Gari Illu , "he said.

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