Mahanati teaser: Keerthy Suresh shines as Savitri

Mahanati teaser: Keerthy Suresh shines as Savitri

Mahanati teaser: Keerthy Suresh shines as Savitri

Mahanathi kirthi Suresh

The filim  Mahanathi is based on story of Savitri's life.  Which heroine has the courage to be like Savitri? That's questions mark .but now  savitri's fame is found in kirthi Suresh. The role of the character is set. But, the original riddles came to 'sets' in Between 1947 and 1982, the story was not meant to tell. The living picture should be unveiled before the eyes. The bicycles, cameras, chairs, the theaters, studios, calendars ... all the way back to the royal darbar to reinstall everything. The choice of actors in the life story of 'Mahanathi' is the challenge of how much challenging it is to bring the same settings to the tide. Art director Avinash Kolla and production designer Shivam worked hard for the year. Audience has been working hard to take it in black and white days. The 'Mayabazar' set in the Ramoji Film showcases Savitri. Besides, 'Devdas' scenes and two songs are screened here. Others have set up 46 sets for 'Mahanathi' for scenes in other places. This is the first time a set of settings for a movie. And how is that journey gone?

Mahanathi teaser 

Director Naga Ashwin has done a little research for this film. When Savitri's story bring  into the 'Mahanathi' .Then Naga Ashwin went to the time of Savitri's life. They met all those associated with the Savitri and Her books and interviews were collected. Then he crafted and scripted things related to movies and life. When actors are selected, at that time how should the sets be? The whole thing came to know. Former production designer Sivam was taken into his team. Anish,  with a designer, made a storyboard. What kind of atmosphere is there for this film? Has come to an understanding. Sets and other properties are allotted year after year. The challenge of 'These Budgets to be Completed' was also thrown out. Since then the works for 'Mahanati' have been started.
Mahanathi sets

Kirthi Suresh  Mahanathi savithri

Black and white days ...
"Firstly the costume designers, the art director, the stylist ... how should the sets we sit all of them and discussed ? What colors should you use Should there be costumes depending on the set Design a set based on costume color? We talked about these things thoroughly. It is a big task to create a Vijaya Vahini Studio as far as the 'Mahanathi '. It was Asia's biggest studio at that time. Setting it as a set is a big challenge. There is a street called Paris Corner in Chennai. The 5 streets were set up in Ramoji Film city . Visual effects are now widely available. There was some flexibility in shaping the sets. There is no need to set ten kilometers to set up a ten kilometer street. Where are the scenes where? If you come to the understanding of the settings, you can set the settings and all the rest of the show will be displayed in BloomMat. But in the place where the set is settled , we are careful about every little thing. Speaking about Sangeetham Srinivasa Rao, Rajendra Prasad and Mohan Babu,they said about  Vijaywahini . At the mouth of the studio there were two bulls. We have also made their versions. In many respects, the famous art director, Talaani, has provided valuable advice. What were the movies then? The old films will see how things are set up. Some designs are based on them. Chennai has a theater called Odian. It is set in the form of set. Savitri house set is another special attraction. This set is set in three places. In Mysore we used only the hall. The whole interior is in Hyderabad. 'Mayabazar' set in Ramoji Film is a special attraction. How was the shooting of Mayabazar? Is shown in 'Mahanathi '. That is the movie in the movie. Here are the cameras, trolleys, clapboards, how all of this is shown in this movie. Singinam Srinivasa Rao helped us for this scene. The movie is shown Any kind of jewelery in old cinema should look exactly the same. So, we've designed them again. A scene from 'Devdas' is on screen. Dhili , Hyderabad and Mumbai for the items that were then ... We've got properties close to those items. Some of the typewriters found in Hyderabad. Rs 7,000 was given for a tapping period. Price is not a problem here. Such items are again worth a visit. Michelle's camera was found in Chennai. It's impossible to buy it now. That's why we rent daily. When looking at older movies, there were settings with rear pieces. The house, the clouds, and the trees were painted. We have also made sets in the same manner. Now paint is very easy to paint. But in the old fashion, we are looking for artists who are making toys and making those sets. Crowns, bumps, ornaments are all made of it. No one is sleeping for a year. Worked hard on night droughts. There is a belief that it will be a good reward, "Avinash Kolla said.

Mahanathi kirthi Suresh directors

The art directors paradise
"Hyper, Lai and Krishna's love story are all made in Ramoji Film. Sixty days for 'Mahanathi' also worked in the film industry. The quality standards of film industry are high. Do not compromise on quality. What we want, what level will be available in moments. The biggest Flour in Asia is owned by Ramoji Film. There are some sets of things. While working in the film industry, there is no home. The atmosphere and conveniences of the day may seem to be spent. Ramoji Filmmaty is like the artists' paradise in a way "

  • Directed by Nag Ashwin
  • Produced by  Priyanka Dutt
  • Written by Sai Madhav Burra (Telugu)  Madhan Karky (Tamil)
  • Screenplay by Nag Ashwin
  • Story by Based on the life of Savitri
  • Starring Dulquer Salmaan , Keerthi Suresh, Samantha Akkineni, Vijay Devarakonda
  • Music by Mickey J Meyer
  •  cinematograph Sanchez-Lopez
  • Production company Vyjayanthi Movies, Swapna Cinema
  • Release date 9 May 2018
  • Country India
  • Language TeluguL, Tamil, Malayalam

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