Rajamouli next movie 3R'S with Tollywood multi stars Ramcharan and Jr ntr (Rama Rao).

Rajamouli next movie 3R'S with Tollywood multi stars Ramcharan and Jr ntr (Rama Rao).

Rajamouli next movie 3R'S  with Tollywood multi stars Ramcharan and  ntr Rama Rao.

Rajamouli next movie
Rajamouli next movie 

After a big sensational Super duper hit of bahubali bbeggin and bahubali the conclusion,  in all minds one queation raises  that what is  rajamouli next movie. How is hero of rajamouli next movie, what is budgbud.. Finally this Thursday rajamouli relieved this suspension by a   official announced that his next movie with telugu multi  stars  Ramcharan and ntr Rama Rao through twitter. In his tweet rajamouli says that... 

Rajamouli next movie tweet

Watch the 3R'S rajamouli next movie 

Along with his tweet he also released a video that RRR which means here 3R'S  represent the following 
 R for rajamouli
 R for Ram charan
 R for Rama Rao ntr 
Before the movie title confirmation movie promotional based on this name 3R's only  .
Before the official announcement of rajamouli next movie in social media every day one new news will be released and one photo both of the 3 members phot with rajamouli  , Ramcharan, Jr NTR . Based on  that single photo we can not judge that rajamouli next movie,. But now it's time to  Conform and it is happy news to both Ramcharan fans and ntr fans that rather both are actin find single screen in rajamouli direction.
Before this movie  both heroes are accted in rajamouli direction . that  is  In details 
In the year of 2001  Student No.1 and in  2003  Simhadriand and also in the year of  2007  Yamadonga  Rajamouli directed with  Jr NTR all movies are super hit  and   in the year of 2009  superhit  movie Magadheera rajamouli directed with Ramcharan. 

Budget details 

As per the latest reports the budget may be more than 250 crores which is a rough figure. Before this budget  Rajamouli's idea was bahubali took many years so in his next no graphics include but now it is a multi stars movies so  financial budget increased. Already   rajamouli started pre production work . It is a assumption untile  official announcement we have to wait.
Unlike rajamouli previous movies bahubali begging and bahubali the conclusion in those movie no CGI effects will not be included In this movie rajamouli decided. Because it may take more time and more efforts. Sports that rajamouli next movie is completely family entrainment.
Finaly both Ramcharan and ntr visited loss angles, USA for the special photoshoot. As per the latest reports both Ramcharan and Jr ntr stayed in USA for one week they participated in photoshop and test trails . 

Ramcharan and ntr movie
Ramcharan and ntr movie 

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