Saturday, 31 March 2018

Rangasthalam latest box office collections report

Rangasthalam latest box office collections report

The latest box office collections of theater is one of the biggest releases of the year released in the industry. Mega Power Star Ram Charan, Star Director Sukumar, Samantha Akkineni, Ratnavalu, Rock Star Devi Sri Prasad and music director have created the film about the hype and expectations. In accordance with the expectations, the film is good at the USA box office.
Rangasthalam first day collections

Entering good Advance Booking, theater opened an amazing response everywhere and touched 1 million mark already. The film grossed $ 700k by premiers and was $ 410,000 on Friday. The producers are very confident that this film will be done at the box office first. Ram Charan and Sukumar gave it a big hit. According to the latest updates from reported locations, the film topped the list of five locations, Bahubali-2, Agnitavasi, Prison No. 150, Bahubali and Spider. The film was a good opener for Ram Charan, which surpassed previous record releases.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Big' Leak: mega star chiranjeevi, Nayanthara,Amitabh Bachchan syera Looks out

Big' Leak: mega star chiranjeevi, Nayanthara,Amitabh Bachchan syera Looks out

Syera narasimha reddy

Megastar Chiranjeevi 151 big sensational movie 'syera Narasimha Reddy'.we are know that Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan is playing a key role in this movie which is directed by Surender Reddy. Big B  is Chiranjeevi's guruvu role in the film shoot. Amitabh, who has already leaked his look, told fans about the shooting of 'syera narasimha reddy '.Now Chiranjeevi looks are very attractive with Nayanatara and it seems like it is worth it. The adjoining Guru Amitabh is sitting next to this great work. Hundreds of people  are looking at them .  The film is a fantastic film to make this film so much better than compromising with the 150 crore budget. Chiranjeevi and Nayanatara Looks With Cotton Castes To See Themselves, To Fans To Make Festival. Amitabh tweeted by Syera Looks. Amitabh shares these photos to Twitter and Facebook through fans. More photos of his role have been released. Working with megastar is a great honor. The entire part of the part of Amitabh's role in two days shooting is complete. He seems to have traveled back to Mumbai.
Chiranjeevi 151 film updates

Syera narasimha reddy Leake photos

Syera  amitabh bachchan

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Rangasthalam movie clear sensor report and certificate

Rangasthalam movie clear sensor report and certificate 

Mega power star Ramcharan and Samantha Akkineni  rangasthalam clear sensen U/A CERTIFICATE
Rangasthalam sensor certificate

The much awaited movie rangasthalam archived the sensor certificate U/A. The trade analysis Ramesh Babu tweeted this on his tweeter.
Recently this movie completed the sensor works. From the sensor Borad it got super positive response. The director Sukumar planned all elements of the movie perfectly.  Ramcharan's acting is highlighted and also  Ramalakshmi, Jagapathi Babu acting excellent. As per the latest reports the first off of the filim is comedy and second off is  emotional and climax is really heart touching . all mega fans and common audience are waiting for this movie. It is releasing on MARCH 30 world wide.
The story is backdrop of 1980 s. Ramcharan as Sound engineer. He runs the boats. The trailer got super response. In the trailer Ramcharan dialogues "E uri lo naina polaniki nillu pettali ante Raithulu aakasham vaipu chustaru aa uurilo mathram mana vaipe chudali" and "maa engineer ki kulam gothram undavu e chenaina thadipestundi" these dialogues are highlighted in the trailer.
Already released songs "ranga ranga rangasthalana" created new record that 2 million view in 24 hours.

Rangasthalam sensor

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Bharat Ane Nenu first song released composed by Devi Sri Prasad DSP

Happy News to prince Mahesh babu fans 

Bharat Ane Nenu first song released
On the occasion of sri Rama navami Bharat Ane Nenu film unit released single song which is composed by Devi Sri Prasad DSP.

Watch here

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rajamouli next movie 3R'S with Tollywood multi stars Ramcharan and Jr ntr (Rama Rao).

Rajamouli next movie 3R'S  with Tollywood multi stars Ramcharan and  ntr Rama Rao.

Rajamouli next movie
Rajamouli next movie 

After a big sensational Super duper hit of bahubali bbeggin and bahubali the conclusion,  in all minds one queation raises  that what is  rajamouli next movie. How is hero of rajamouli next movie, what is budgbud.. Finally this Thursday rajamouli relieved this suspension by a   official announced that his next movie with telugu multi  stars  Ramcharan and ntr Rama Rao through twitter. In his tweet rajamouli says that... 

Rajamouli next movie tweet

Watch the 3R'S rajamouli next movie 

Along with his tweet he also released a video that RRR which means here 3R'S  represent the following 
 R for rajamouli
 R for Ram charan
 R for Rama Rao ntr 
Before the movie title confirmation movie promotional based on this name 3R's only  .
Before the official announcement of rajamouli next movie in social media every day one new news will be released and one photo both of the 3 members phot with rajamouli  , Ramcharan, Jr NTR . Based on  that single photo we can not judge that rajamouli next movie,. But now it's time to  Conform and it is happy news to both Ramcharan fans and ntr fans that rather both are actin find single screen in rajamouli direction.
Before this movie  both heroes are accted in rajamouli direction . that  is  In details 
In the year of 2001  Student No.1 and in  2003  Simhadriand and also in the year of  2007  Yamadonga  Rajamouli directed with  Jr NTR all movies are super hit  and   in the year of 2009  superhit  movie Magadheera rajamouli directed with Ramcharan. 

Budget details 

As per the latest reports the budget may be more than 250 crores which is a rough figure. Before this budget  Rajamouli's idea was bahubali took many years so in his next no graphics include but now it is a multi stars movies so  financial budget increased. Already   rajamouli started pre production work . It is a assumption untile  official announcement we have to wait.
Unlike rajamouli previous movies bahubali begging and bahubali the conclusion in those movie no CGI effects will not be included In this movie rajamouli decided. Because it may take more time and more efforts. Sports that rajamouli next movie is completely family entrainment.
Finaly both Ramcharan and ntr visited loss angles, USA for the special photoshoot. As per the latest reports both Ramcharan and Jr ntr stayed in USA for one week they participated in photoshop and test trails . 

Ramcharan and ntr movie
Ramcharan and ntr movie 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bharat Ane Nenu audio release date latest news

Super star Mahesh Babu Bharath Ane Nenu movie audio release date latest news 

Bharat Ane Nenu

After the rangasthalam pre release all audience are excitingly watching for next biggest movie Bharath Ane  Nenu movie audio release event. As  we all are know that this movie combination of super star Mahesh Babu and star director Koratala shiva combination. In this movie Kaira Advani is heroine which is first movie to her. Music director Rock star devi Sri Prasad is giving  music this movie. DVV Danayya is producing this movie. Already film unit released a teaser with a name of "vision of Bharath " now it is creating wonders in youtube and social media and got good and positive response from audience.

As we know that this filim is completely based on political background after watching the teaser. So that film unit and producer DVV Danayya planning the audio release function in a complete accembly sets.
Now coming to the main point audio release date
As per the latest news Already producer of this movie DVV Danayya Conformed a date I.  E  April 7 for this super star Mahesh Babu is also Conformed the date along with the filim unit. But until now film unit did not announced officially.
Another happy news related to this movie is film unit have planned the releasing of first song to this " Sri Rama navami " .finnaly  This movie is coming world widely for this summer of April 20.

Bharat Ane Nenu release date

Monday, 19 March 2018

Rangasthalam HD photos of RAM Charan and Samantha Akkineni anasuya Bhardwaj

Rangasthalam HD photos mega power  star Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni, Anasuya Bhardwaj

Ramcharan rangasthalam

Rangasthalam HD images

Ramcharan and Samantha Akkineni

Rangasthalam HD photos

Anasuya Bhardwaj rangasthalam

Ramcharan rangasthalam

Ramcharan and Samantha Akkineni
Mega power star Ramcharan

Rangasthalam trailer out : Ramcharan and Samantha Akkineni

Rangasthalam trailer out : Ramcharan and Samantha Akkineni 

Read in telugu 

Rangasthalam trailer

Rangasthalam trailer The pre release function of  relayed by Megastar Chiranjeevi in Visakhapatnam at RK  Beach during the theatrical trailer Megastar said, "Many movies come with this topic but it's totally different and Sukumar has done his full work in this movie". From the beginning of day Rangasthalam unit released single song  every released song got good response from the audience. A few days audiences are waiting for the trailer  Now the trailer has a good positive response.

Rangasthalam trailar 

In the case of if we talk about  the released trailer, the film was Based on president  election. Chitti Babu played the role of Mega Power Star Ramcharan as Sound Engineer. Samantha Akkineni roles in the role of Ramalakshmi. Chitty Babu dialogues are highlighted in the trailer. 

And Adhi pinnishethi as chittibabu brother as KumarBabu's role. Anasuya Bhardwaj is Chitti Babu’s Attha. Anasuya Bhardwaj Prakash Raj Jagapathi Babu Amit Sharma Gautami and Rajesh Diwakar. Devi Sri Prasad is the music director and  the film R Ratnavalu camera man.
Director Sukumar  have done his full work through the trailer. The story of Rangasthalam 1980 Was directed by director Sukumar. The movie is the theatrical film on the side of the villagers. The film says that this film will be released 30th worldwide.



World wise release: 30 March 2018.

Director: Sukumar. 

Music director: Devi Sri Prasad.

Budget: 60 crores INR (US$9.4 million).

Production company: Mythri Movie Makers.

Story by‎: ‎Sukumar.‎

Produced by‎: ‎Naveen Yerneni; Y. Ravi Shankar; Mohan Cherukuri. 

Cinematography‎: ‎R. Rathnavelu.

The lead roles : Aadhi Pinisetty,Jagapathi Babu, Anasuya Bhardwaj and Prakash Raj played other crucial supporting roles.

Rangasthalam HD photos 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Shriya saran marriage with her boyfriend Andrei Koscheev

Shriya saran marriage with her Russian  boyfriend Andrei Koscheev  

Finaly Shriya saran  marriage Conformed  with her Russian boyfriend Andrei Koscheev . as per latest news  they both are  planned the marriage with traditional Hindu rituals. And They also  planned marriage three days And also she planned her marriage very simple and secretly. As per latest news she called  close friends and family members of shriya saran and Andrei Koscheev families only. 

Shriya saran marriage

Shriya Saran popularly know as shriya. She is an one of the famous actress in india. Shriya recently acted in gayathri movie. She has been acting for a long time nearly 18 years. She decided that After her marriage she will be continue with in  the acting field.  Shriya dind not respond to rumours especially her marriage .  But Now her marriage is Conformed with national level  tennis player Andrei Koscheev from russRu   They both are dating for two years secretly but now they planned to marriage. As per latest news shriya saran planed her marriage very simply and secretly and she called her marriage only family members of both shriya saran and Andrei Koscheev family  and also shriya close friends.  

Shriya Saran marriage details 

Shriya saran marriage with her Russian boyfriend Andrei

According to the latest news they  planned their  marriage in 3 days like recently married couple like naga Chaitanya and Samantha marriage .impoimpor dates are as follows   
On 17 March Sangeet and mehandhi 
On 18 march marriage at her home 
On 19 march grand wedding 
Shriya Saran and andrei Koscheev are following the traditional Hindu rituals. 
Form the Beginning of their journey they both avoided photos together and even though they did not share any thing related to them on  social  media. Shriya dind not respond to rumours related to her marriage. But Finally shriya saran married her Russian boyfriend Andrei Koscheev.